Nomad Soap Co.

Release your inner animal

Nomad Soap Co. is a black-owned LA-based all-natural indie soap and cologne brand for men, giving our customers quality men’s bar soap and solid cologne products.

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Smell fresh

We don't believe in chemically-enhanced scents. If it's made in a lab, we're not buying. That's why we keep our ingredients fresh and organic. If you're natural, we should be too.

Feel clean

As men, we know how easy it is to get dirty. That's why all of our bars come with an extra layer of powerful exfoliant scrub. We won't stop you from getting dirty, but we can help you feel clean.

Ditch the store

This one's simple. We don't like grocery stores, and we're guessing you don't either. That's why we sell online and in-person. Let's keep shopping simple.

All natural bar soap & scrub for men

Bar Soap Starting at $10

Masculine scents for modern men

COLOGNE starting at $25

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